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The Wilburys Super Group

Tribute Band

Saturday, September 21 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM Doors open at 6:30 PM
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Tribute Band

A Tribute to the Greatest Hits of 5 Rock and Roll Legends!

Imagine witnessing the iconic rock stars Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne grace the stage together, performing a concert packed with their timeless hits! It would undoubtedly etch its place in rock and roll history, wouldn't it? Well, such an extraordinary event almost came to fruition in the 1980s when these five legends banded together to form the Super Group known as The Traveling Wilburys. Unfortunately, Roy Orbison's untimely passing prevented this remarkable band from embarking on a live tour.

But now, it's becoming a reality!

The Wilburys Super Group Tribute Band invites you to experience a tribute to these five icons, delivering a live concert that captures the essence of that dream lineup with remarkable authenticity!

Prepare to immerse yourself in an evening filled with hits from Petty, The Beatles, Harrison, Dylan, Orbison, and Lynne, flawlessly performed by artists who not only sound but also look the part of the original Super Group! Just a glimpse into The Wilburys Super Band's Set List gives you a taste of the spectacular show that awaits:

  • Tom Petty: "Free Falling," "American Girl," "The Waiting," "I Won't Back Down," "Running Down A Dream"
  • George Harrison: "Here Comes the Sun," "Something," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," "What is Life," along with numerous Beatles classics like "Eight Days a Week," "She Loves You," "Can't Buy Me Love," and "Hey Jude"
  • Bob Dylan: "Like a Rolling Stone," "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "All Along The Watchtower," "Rainy Day Women 12 and 35," "Tangled Up In Blue"
  • Roy Orbison: "Only the Lonely," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "You Got It," "Crying"

And, of course, beloved Traveling Wilburys Super Group hits like "Handle With Care," "End of the Line," and "Runaway."

This set list is just the tip of the iceberg! With dozens more hits, it's truly the Greatest Set List of All Time! This tribute promises to evoke nostalgia, have you singing along, and keep you dancing from start to finish. So, mark your calendars, check our schedule, and don't miss the opportunity to witness The Wilburys Super Group LIVE. It's the concert you've always dreamed of—now a reality!