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Westlorain 6 days ago

Butternut Squash Enchilada (veg)

Dear Jackl campus Jax we were there last night to see Kelly Ray and we took the whole family and we had such a fantastic time there's three vegetarians in the group we had the best meals ever I would have to say though to be honest the the squash enchiladas were a bit on the spicy side so just a heads up but we had so much fun and now I'm planning to get tickets for Crystal Lewis I'm going to go online this morning and do that so we had a great time and we love Kelly Rae and it was just it's such a small family like group that I just love it so thank you so much for making my family haveimg a great Thanksgiving type evening very close and intimate setting. 2nd time hear and so I don't forget our server was AMAZING,she was RIGHT ON in ALL aspects. See you on the 12th hopefully. LoRain H.B and family Redondo Beach. Thanks JAX

Faganjm89 9 days ago

Jammin Jambalaya (with Shrimp)

I love this place! My husband and I are a young couple that seek out live music and dancing quite often. Not o my was the food incredible, but the environment and music was awesome. It's our favorite date night spot for an amazing dinner, drinks and dancing/music. I would (and do) highly recommend this establishment to anyone whether it's for the great quality of food or a great time.

Jibaro14 14 days ago

Buffalo Chicken Wings


Joshgall 19 days ago

Spicy Creole Pasta

As a long time patron of Jax, as far back as the Jack Shrimp days, I've always been a fan of the JACKrice dish, and pretty much ordered it every time I ate there. After trying the Spicy Creole Pasta dinner, I now have a new go to dish. Spicy, creamy, hearty and flat out tasty. What more could you ask for? Pair it with a side of the JACKsauce and bread and you can have the best of both flavors having a party in your mouth....

Rosheles about 2 months ago

JACKshrimp & Bread

The Jack shrimp and bread is amazing! One of my all time favorites! I have been eating it for years and need a fix regularly! Always impressed by the flavor and freshness! Excellent choice!

Fredericowilliams about 2 months ago

JACKrice (no gluten)

I absolutely love this place!!! Andy is the one that got me to try the food and I don't regret it at all!! The staff there are amazing on top of having amazing food!!! Definitely a much try!

Calif1x2 about 2 months ago

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Delicious sliders! Also had the spinach dip & chips - very tasty!

Limey 2 months ago

Brussels Sprouts

What an amazing club!! Those Brussel sprouts are my fav!! Compliments to the Chef !!❤️ Your entertainment is over the top . Especially your singing act Hey Mister !! They are the modern day Rat Pack ! Love them. The owner and the entire staff are so accomadating and wonderfully freindly . Thank you

Motherofthecorn54 2 months ago

JACKshrimp & Bread

Have been getting this OMG dish for over 25 years, is still as good as the first day you opened. Now your cabaret club is one of the best intimate venus for the best live music performances of every kind around! From Frank Sinatra tributes to The Who, jazz and everything in between does not get any better!

Laura 2 months ago

Jacksauce & Bread

This is one of my favorite To Go snacks. Delicious !

Laura 2 months ago

Shrimp Stuffed Avocado

The avocado is always perfectly ripe and the shrimp delicious

Laura 2 months ago


I have been eating at JackShrimp/Campus Jacks for 20 years. Best tasting shrimp. Fabulous house salad. The Shrimp is not only hot but very flavorful.

Suhong 3 months ago

Brainstorm (with Shrimp)

We went there with a party of 10 people and everyone had a great time! Foods were awesome and music were great as well! Five stars!

Ncheckor 3 months ago

1/2 lb Peel n' Eat Gulf Shrimp

Brought back some tasty memories. The shrimp & the music is a combination that is not found in Newport. So if you want to please your palette and feed your musical soul then Campus Jax is a must stop. Go & you will return.

Debbiebaugh 4 months ago

Creole Shrimp n' Grits

Delicious! I learned I love grits and the seafood is the bes here!!

Supermv84 4 months ago

JACKshrimp & Bread

Just went back, this time for my wife's birthday. We had a great time! Food is excellent! Very delicious from the bread and dipping sauce to our meals. Only wish we could've stayed for the entertainment.

Redexecgal 4 months ago


Just love me some Derek Boreaux. Guy brings the house down every time I see him. Campus Jax is the perfect place to enjoy Derek's soulful music and dance the night away. Their Jambalaya is outstanding. Prices are great and outstanding dance floor.

Gregparks1277 4 months ago

1/2 lb Peel n' Eat Gulf Shrimp

Excellent , tasty and mouth watering

Supermv84 4 months ago

Jammin Jambalaya (with Shrimp)

Awesome atmosphere, great food! Friendly service and prices just right. We always have a wonderful time every time. Looking forward to going again in a few weeks.

Monicapaing 7 days ago

JAX Steak Sandwich

Tried the JAX steak sandwich and could not be happier. This was one of the best steak sandwiches I've ever had. The steak was tender, the grilled onions and peppers were savory, the cheese was melty and some parts burnt/carmelized, and the sauce layered in with the bread was so so yummy. It came with a tasty au jus and creamy horseradish sauce that were perfect accompaniments. Will definitely order this again!

Debbiebaugh 11 days ago

JACKshrimp & Bread

I crave this all the time. Whenever I have guests in town - I recommend we go to campus Jax for the music and the food- I love Jacks shrimp and bread! It's always the perfect dinner!

Lovinjazz 17 days ago

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

I went for the wonderful jazz series they're starting, so I got there early to get a good seat. While waiting, I ordered these sliders.....WOW! They were delicious! I had sweet potato fries with them and a nice glass of wine. I was completely satisfied with the meal and it was almost more than I could eat. Do it again? You bet!!

Sandy about 1 month ago


There are days that i CRAVE this dish! Spicy, buttery and just plain yummy. And don't even get me started on the dunking of the bread

Beachsiteworks about 2 months ago

Mango Beet Salad

I love the salads at campus Jax they are large, fresh and tasty!… I usually order them with salmon or Jack's shrimp... I sometimes order the kale Cesar which is also quite good… Don't forget to add avocado!

Colleendomoslai about 2 months ago

Jambalaya (no gluten)

The first time I had Jambalaya was at Jack Shrimp, I loved it! The cajon flavor was superb.....I added shrimp to it. Now, so excited to find I can still enjoy this dish at Campus Jax.... and the great music too!

Rejoyce5 about 2 months ago

1/2 lb Peel n' Eat Gulf Shrimp

This dish is our favorite...mmm mmm mm I can taste the bread being dipped into that "special" Jack sauce (family secret I'm sure), and that plump juicy shrimp to follow...dip and eat! Sometimes we just order the bowl of sauce to dip our french bread in, it is honestly like something you've never had that is so delicious. We've brought many friends here at different times and this dish is always a winner. You must try it!

Laurabythepacific 2 months ago

Creole Shrimp n' Grits

I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious creamy savory shrimp and grits. they were just the right amount of spicy with Plenty of creamy sauce . they were a perfect complement to the evening of music and friends.

Laura 2 months ago

Mardi Gras Pasta (vegetarian)

I love this pasta. Great flavor. Delicious veggies. And you can add shrimp to this dish and that makes it perfect. I have so much trouble trying to decide between this fish and Jackshrimp.

Laura 2 months ago

California Steamed Artichoke

I had never eaten a artichoke heart and this was great !

Laura 2 months ago

Southern House Salad

This salad is so light and flavorful. I love it !

Steven 3 months ago

BBQ Pork Bowl (hormone free)

Great place to have fun

Fdhelfer 3 months ago

Brussels Sprouts

The most incredible Brussels Sprouts. Slow roasted and perfectly crisped and seasoned. They're an appetizer or side dish, but definitely can be a stand alone dinner. All the menu items we've had are great!

Burattimickey 3 months ago

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

OMG!!! Absolutely the very best, oh the pork so tender and the BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy but the homemade slaw is to die for. And the bread/bun so fresh and yummy. I give this dish a big 10yummy's......TEN YUMMY'S !!!

Jackie 4 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Wings

I love the food and vibe at Campus Jax. My fave is the chicken wings. I know we've all had a lot of chicken wings, but these are the BEST! I'm a single lady and I was craving the wings one Friday and went in alone thinking I would order to go. Turned out the music was sounding good and everyone was very friendly including the waitresses, so I stayed for dinner and had a great time.

Ninaaltountash 4 months ago

Ancient Grain & Greens Bowl

It was delicious 😋 and light , just the best food for the warm Summer Weather!

Christina070870 4 months ago

Salmon & Ancho Chili Bowl (ng)

Salmon lovers alert... This was delicious!!! So much flavor and a good portion, hit the spot!

Bigwaldo66 4 months ago

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

tender and delicious


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