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INSPIRED & FIRED UP TO HELP “FEED THE NEED!”                                                                        

Newport Beach, CA
Thirty-year local restaurant owner, Jack Jasper, is fired up and firing back on the Covid! In re-opening his March 17th shuttered Newport Beach restaurant Campus JAX, Jack’s top priorities in coming back were safety and how best to utilize his venue to help his community meet the challenges of this Covid-19 crisis. In April that search led him to create an entirely new restaurant model in an effort to repurpose his kitchen to provide meals for those most at risk… front line workers, elderly caregivers, and the homeless. A need that is expected to only grow and if met can play a critical role in reducing the spread of the infection, related crime, and support the front line workers and caregivers.
Within a week of closing for the ‘shelter in place flattening of the curve’, JAX immediately jumped ahead and changed it’s regular Supper Club live entertainment schedule into weekly remote Live Streaming Shows offering a much needed break from the news and Netflix for the home-bound. Music truly is “Food for the Soul” but there was an even bigger need out there that needed immediate help…feeding the hungry and supporting the front line caregivers.
  • Upon reopening the first orders made from the kitchen were JAX specialty Char Grilled Cheeseburgers and Fries hand delivered to 40 front-line caregivers at a local elderly care facility.
  • The following week Jack personally funded, made, and delivered #250 meals to Mary’s Kitchen for the homeless.
  • Within a matter of minutes after a social media asking for sponsors and donations to keep meals coming to help FEED THE NEED Jack had his first responder! An entire lunch was sponsored for #75 homeless women through the local women’s shelter The sponsor was acknowledged on Facebook and emails with a combined reach of over 30k to local Campus JAX and JACKshrimp restaurant fans.
  • Inspired by the response and the incredible feeling giving back brings, Jack launched “JAX FEED THE NEED” allowing for any sized donations big or small, while seeking full or partial sponsorships. Full corporate or individual sponsors can choose where their donations go and get the added benefit of great advertising in the process. For more information about being a full sponsor please email but any and all donations are so greatly appreciated and could literally be life changing!
Everybody wins with #JAXfeedtheneed! Front liners and caregivers get much needed support, the homeless get nourishment which helps keep our entire community safer, restaurant workers get employed, a local restaurant business stays operational while re-purposing its hours and staff to provide this much needed service, and donors get to make an immediate direct impact on their community! The added bonus is it feels really really good!!

All funds received will be used solely for the preparation and delivery of meals to Feed The Need!
These weekly programs, Steamers JAZz at JAX and StellarJAX Eclectic American Roots continue to be created with hundreds of man and woman hours under the collaborative leadership of JAX Entertainment producers Tim Ellis, Tony Guerrero, Terence Love, and Christopher Burkhardt. Together they have broadcast over a dozen shows just in the first month with more shows coming every week. Music has always played a significant role throughout history’s most challenging times and is even more important today.
About Jack Jasper 
Owner/Operator Jack Jasper has been in business over 30 years in Orange County operating his JACKshimp restaurants for 26 years and Campus JAX supper club, restaurant, and entertainment venue for the last 4 ½ years. Jack had been hosting at least of 2-3 major charity events each month at Campus JAX and sees this changeover as the next progression in his endeavors to keep giving back to an amazing community that has always been extremely generous about giving and continues to keep giving even more.                        
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Now Accepting Crypto for JAX FEED THE NEED

Much gratitude to our Crypto and NFT friends at TokenSmart and NFT42. Not only are they great supporters of our MetaJAX CryptoJazz but as our newest Feed The Need Partner they will be providing ongoing support in our efforts to feed the homeless in OC and beyond.

Enjoy our CryptoJazz broadcasts of Steamers Jazz at JAX on Thursday Nights at 6PM Pacific and our specially scheduled JAXblast Events all streaming live on:

TOKENSMART Discord/jax-hideout

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